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Whale Watching

Only in February & March...
Whale Watching, with the biggest mammal on earth and with the friendliest whales.

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Nature Tours

ATV Tours

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Sea Tours

Whale Watching
Scuba Diving & Snorkeling
Island Tours
Sport Fishing

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Culture Tours

Cave Paintings

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Enjoy Loreto

with your Family, friends, & in couple,
the best place to enjoy nature.

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Loreto Bay Marine Park

One of the biggest Marine Parks in México.

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LORETO, Baja México:
Live the Adventure with us

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We know what to do in Loreto

The place to ENJOY your VACATION

Family business, since 2010. We discovered the best way to show how beautiful is Loreto.
We offer the best nature and adventure tours in LORETO, Mexico.
Our eco tours are based on beautiful semi desertic landscapes and we have one of the biggest marine parks in Mexico.
real contact with nature and the habitat of wild animals, through our guided tours to the Mountain Range "La Giganta" and the "Aquarium of the World", amid where the modern civilization coated the Californias.

Join us and Live Loreto!

Whale Watching Tours


Blue or Gray choose the color.
The biggest whale on earth or the friendliest whale.

In the Loreto bay Marine Park, we have different species of whales that visit us every year.
Blue whales, Humpack whales, Fin whales, Minke whale, Bryde's whale, Orcas, sometimes Sperm whale, Pilot whale.
In the Pacific coasts of South baja, the grey whales!!. Tours are available on February and March.
* In our vessels we have the government permits of Semarnat to do the whale watching tour

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Nature Tours

Nature walks in canyon, mountain and desert environments.
Enjoy solitude and stark beauty on this 4 hour tour. A unique ecosystem and terrain where virgin tracks are the norm.
Ground transportation, lunch in the mountains, and Nature guide included. SPIRIT OF ADVENTURE..your bring it! *

Parque loreto


For all riders... fun is guaranteed!
For experienced drivers... ride along the competition tracks of the famous Baja 1000 race, but there are tracks for every experience level.
For beginners... we teach for free how to ride an ATV, and you'll really love it, as well as the plenty of natural sights Loreto has for you!
This tour requires between 2 and 4 people.
You'll spend between 2 to 2.5 hours living a great experience.

All trips include: bilingual guide, fuel, full-face helmets, goggles and gloves. Please come long-sleeved and close-shoes. Tips are not included
Parque loreto


We will take you to stunning places worth to be explored
Also, hikes on islands are available and can be combined with island trips.
Hiking, canyons and mountains climbing are the regular activities in the Sierra.
You'll enjoy one of the most beautiful landscaping in the south baja .
This tour will happen on a party min.of 4, if you are 2 let us know , and will figure it out.
Dress code : closed shoes, long pants or shorts, long or short sleeve t-shirt, hat, sunglasses, sunscreen.

All the tours include: certified English speaking guide, ground or sea transportation, snack, soft drinks & marine park fees (in case you are visiting an island). Tips are not included
Parque loreto


In baja there are more than 400 species of birds, in Loreto we have more than 100.
Come and find them with us.
The most common birds in Loreto that you can find are brown pelicans,
california sea guls, blue footed boobies, cormorans,
frigatebird, snowy egret, etc.

All the tours include: certified English speaking guide, ground or sea transportation, snack, soft drinks & marine park fees (in case you are visiting an island). Tips are not included
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Sea Tours

Loreto is the entrance to the Aquarium of the World, we have in Loreto one of the Biggest Marine Parks in México,
we take care of our Protected Area everytime that we go on a trip.

Parque loreto


A “must” within your list of things to do... is whale watching. With us, you can take a look at these amazing animals: The giants of the world!
We´ll take you to the best spots to enjoy the BLUE & GRAY WHALES. You will learn of them with our English speaking certified guides that will explain all you see during this unforgettable tour.

Blue & Grey Whale tours include: english speaking guide, lunch & soft drinks, marine park fees (in loreto). * Gray whale, includes transfer. Tips are not included
Parque loreto


The amazing Marine Park in Loreto Bay, is one of the largest in Mexico.
Coronados, Danzantes, Carmen, Montserrat & Catalana are the 5 islands of the Loreto Bay Marine Park, with more than 509,000 acres of natural beauty.
Each island has its own beauty, where you can snorkel, swim, go for a hike or lie down for a sunbathe.

All the tours include: certified English speaking guide, snacks, soft drinks & marine park fees. Tips are not included
Parque loreto


Fishing has been an activity during human life in order to survive. We offer you to feel the battle against some of the biggest species of fish, Such as Yellow Tail, Mahi mahi, Grouper. We prefer to practice Catch & Release!
Our captains will take you to the best place to practice this great sport. The activity takes up to 6 hours (or when you catch the fish). We start at 6:30 AM.

Includes: bait, fishing poles, lunch & soft drinks, marine park fees. Fishing license is NOT included. Tips are not included

For information on scuba diving and snorkeling, please visit our partner: Dolphin Dive Baja.

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Culture Tours

Loreto was the Capital of the High and Low Californias, since its foundation in 1697.
Visit a Ranch will transmit the peaceful of the local people that reminds us why we choose to live here.
Going to the Cave Paintings will transport us more than 5000 years ago.

Parque loreto


Discover the stunning and historic MISSION of SAN JAVIER.
Journey up into the mountains to the quaint community of San Javier
and hear about the history and way of life of the surrounding rancheros.
We'll stop in a couple of interesting spots of the area, on our way to San Javier.

San javier, is a 4 hour tour that includes: guide, transfer, lunch. Tips are not included
Parque loreto


Know the local rancheros that open their ranch to live the authentic ranch experience,
milk goats, learn to cook your flour tortillas,
while enjoy a coffee.

Visit the ranch is a 4 hour tour that includes: transfer, lunch at the ranch, guide. Tips are not included
Parque loreto


We'll visit our guide who discovered the Snake Cave, we'll do an easy climb into a rocky mountain for 700 ft. To arrive into the snake cave that has prehistoric simbols.

A scenic drive onto a private ranch, beautiful climb to the paintings, informative guide and nature guide in the group, lunch, and ground transporation. Tips are not included

Trip Tips

Most of our trips involve a lot of sun. Please make sure you keep yourself well protected (sunscreen, hat and long clothes) and properly hydrated.
All prices are in US-Dollars per person, including taxes. Everything is payable in cash (USD or Mexican Pesos)
and all major credit cards except American Express, bookings require an advance payment of half up front.



Our pangas and vehicles have insurance.

We have the permits of the Marine park to do our tourist activities.

We have full communication with our guides everytime they are in a tour


we manage small groups per guide.

Max of 8.

Our vessels and van are very comfortable.


8 years of experience in Loreto.

Trained professionals by Padi and the tourism board of Mexico.


For packages, groups and rates please send us an email to

Our awesome team


General manager & Guide



Marketing Manager & Guide






Shop Assitant & Guide



Marketing Coordinator & Guide


Ian | United Kingdom
We went for a blue whale watching trip in the sea of Cortez with Maria as our guide, and we had a fantastic time.
Unlike the grey whales, the whales here are not looking to interact with humans - they just go gracefully about their business.
But this is still a fantastic experience - Maria is very knowledgable and informative and the sea of Cortez is just breathtaking.
A great way to spend the day in Loreto.

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Doris | Canada
Loved the service! Eric is so knowledgeable. The captain is really skilled. Maria is super helpful with planning.
If you are visiting Loreto you have to check out Coronado. The team took good care of all 7 of us!

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Cliff | Oregon, USA
We took two trips with Vive Loreto and both were excellent. The first was a boat trip out of Loreto to see Blue and Fin Whales.
Our guide, Maria, was knowledgeable, a good communicator and very careful to follow the rules for not disturbing the animals.
We saw quite a few Blue and Fin whales and learned how to identify them. On our second trip we were taken in a van from Loreto Bay across to the Pacific side to see Grey Whale mothers and their calves.
Maria was an excellent guide for this trip as well; she was highly knowledgeable and very respectful of the whales.

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Jason | Washington, USA
The people at Vive Loreto tours & Dolphin Dive are amazing. We booked three trips through Maria at the Loreto Bay office and every one of them exceeded our expectations.
We told her the activities that we wanted to do, the days we had available, and she planned our outings for the best weather conditions.
Our 17 year old son went on the ATV tour with a friend and had a blast.
Our second trip was a hiking excursion with Rafa out into the Sierra de la Giganta. We hiked out a river bed, up and over several small waterfalls, finishing with a dip in a cool mountain pool and lunch.
Rafa had extensive knowledge of the local wildlife and plants and made sure that everyone in our group was comfortable with the route we chose.
The last trip that we took was a tour of Coronado Island with Abraham, who has extensive knowledge about the island and all of the species that inhabit the island and the waters surrounding it.
We will be returning to Loreto again and booking trips with Vive Loreto again. They made our adventures so memorable!

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Where is Loreto?
Loreto is located just about 350 km north of La Paz, right between the unique Sierra La Giganta
and Jacques Cousteau´s Aquarium of the World: The Sea of Cortez
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